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Tournament One is the platform for schools, dancers and organizers, which was specially developed for dance championships.

At TO, schools and dancers can quickly and easily register for championships and find all the information they need such as start lists, their music, award lists etc.

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Tournament One Logo

Easy evaluation

Easy and understandable for everyone. Support of start lists, list of results, certificates ..


No installation needed. Can run on any device (PC, tablet, cell phone)

Free to Use

Without functional restrictions for small championships (up to 50 dances)!

Lots of functionalities

Tons of extensions and active development

Tournament One

As an organizer Tournament One offers many advantages for conducting dance championships. First of all, it is particularly easy to create and manage championships through the online platform, even if you have little IT knowledge.

Manage championships

All championship information, such as location, date, time, start lists, etc. are summarized on a clear website so that everyone involved has easy access to them.

Tournament One

By using Tournament One, you also save time and money, since annoying email conversations are no longer necessary and dance schools and dancers can manage their dances and music independently in the portal. As an organizer, you always have an overview of your income and registrations. Overall, our website offers an uncomplicated and inexpensive way to hold dance championships.

As dancer or school

Dancers and schools get an easy listing of their registered dances, dancers and the uploaded music

Dance overview

After the championship, statistics, award lists and rankings are provided by the system


Discover what Tournament One can do for you

You can find written documentation here to get started right away:

or you can watch our videos about the scoring system on the YouTube channel as well:

Tournament One Videos

or play around ! Create your first championship in the system (Without publishing) and import the test data


The price is 2 euros per dance and championship

No further costs ... everything included

A little bit about our history

As a result of digitization, one of the largest international dance sport associations has had the requirement for the creation of a professional scoring system since 2010. In order to establish the paperless age in the dance scene, a digital system was developed. In addition to the advantages for the jurors, there was also a requirement to be able to quickly evaluate the dances. After several years of successful use and further development of the application, a professional scoring system with many setting options and easy handling has emerged.

Despite the diversity of the program, there are already further implementation ideas for the future, in order to always stay up to date.

Dancer profile

In addition to the dance championships, we also offer the opportunity to create your own profile as a dancer. In this profile you can store all important information about yourself that could be of interest to other organizers, such as your dance training, auditions, dance skills and language skills. If necessary, you can use this profile for applications to other organizers and thus apply for new dance opportunities. With this functionality we offer you the opportunity to present yourself in the dance scene and to open up new opportunities. By the way... Free

Dancer profile

We new friends!

Do you have any further questions? Or are you missing a unique feature for your championship? Let me know and just send me an email:


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